About Us


Restoration Eye Care in Wyoming, Michigan is a superior ophthalmology practice led by skilled ophthalmologist, Trevor Smith, M.D. The practice exceeds the eye health and vision needs of patients aged 14 and older in a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

We offer complete vision testing as well as medical and surgical care. This includes routine diabetic eye exams, dry eye disease, glaucoma screening and management, and premium cataract surgery with multifocal lenses, astigmatism correction, and secondary cataracts. Our goal is to maintain and restore patients’ eye health, vision, and overall wellness while reducing the chance of future eye health problems.

Why Restoration Eye Care?

We offer minimal wait times, individualized medical treatment plans, and a traditional close doctor/patient relationship.

Dr. Smith will take as much time as patients need to answer questions.

We are on a mission to put the heart back into the medical experience for our small corner of West Michigan. 

Newest Technology

We use the latest advances in technologies and procedures to ensure optimal eye health and outstanding ophthalmology services for all patients, offering you restorative treatments for better vision and a phenomenal quality of life.

To schedule an eye exam at Restoration Eye Care, call the office at 616-323-2002.

For referrals please fax recent notes to: 616-699-5177.