• Merikay W.


    Dr. Smith is extremely caring and knowledgeable with all eye care and surgeries. He patiently answered our numerous questions.
    I am a rather new patient and very happy with exams, laser procedure and friendly office help
    Definitely recommend. Location is easy to get to from M6. - Yelp.com

  • Paul H.


    Dr. Smith went above and beyond with his care. I had a great experience with him.

    -Google Reviews

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  • Patricia H.


    I highly recommend Dr. Smith! He is caring and thorough. Took the time to answer my questions and is very knowledgeable!

    - Google Reviews

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Eye Pressure

No puff of air!

Using the latest technology iCare Tonometer, there is no need for eye drops or a puff of air to test your eye pressure. For many patients this is a huge relief. We love having one less thing to worry about and we know you will, too!

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Ellex Tango

In Office Glaucoma Treatments

Office treatments for glaucoma and secondary (after surgery) cataract formation are available.

Same day treatments available for most insurances.

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Premium lens implants

Cataract Surgery

The natural human lens is inside the eye. It turns cloudy over many years and can happen faster with diabetes or smoking. A cloudy natural lens is then called a cataract. This commonly causes halos, glare, and blurry vision. Fortunately vision can be restored if the cause of blurry vision is from the cataract because it can be removed and replaced with a new lens that lasts a lifetime.

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SLT laser eye laser glaucoma treatment get rid of eye drops

Light energy treatments

Lower Eye Pressure

SLT treatments lower eye pressure by applying a low energy beam of light to the drainage channel of the eye. This causes an increase in outflow and therefore a lower eye pressure.

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Posterior Capsular Opacification

During cataract surgery an implant replaces the natural lens in the eye because it had turned cloudy. Over time a thin layer that holds the new lens in place can become cloudy. A non-invasive laser is used to painlessly clear off the blurry area, restoring vision for healthy eyes.

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